ZoomTorah B`Ezras Hashem will be a Hub for all sorts of online Torah Learning:   Interactive Shiurim, Chaburos, Courses, Chavrusos and more. We currently offer the Virtual Bais Medrash App.

My Virtual Bais Medresh App

Learn BaChaburah online – just like a real Bais Medrash

  • Pick a table, sit on a chair and learn with your chavrusa by video.
  • Click on a chair next to your friend to ask him a question.
  • Time for Shiur? On the click of a button everyone is invited.
  • Time for Chaburah? Click on a chair in the chaburah room.
  • Someone forgot to come to Chaburah? Ping them!
  • Need to share some מראה מקומות?  Click the button at the top.
  • Need to show someone a sefer? Share a link with a click.

Post Your Shiurim & Mosdos With Us

Complete the application form and we will post it on one of our Virtual Learning bulletin boards after it is approved.

Virtual Yeshiva

A full day structured program just like a real Yeshiva except they learn on video call or the ‘My Digital Bais Medrash’ App.  We have a Bulletin Board for posting virtual Yeshivos.

Virtual Kollel

A Video Learning program for Avreichim. It may pay its members.  We provide a place to find members for the Kollel.

Virtual Batei Medresh

A ‘My Digital Bais Medrash’ for a Chabura to learn together. Post on the Mosad Bulletin Board to put together a Chabura.

Virtual Seminary

A full day structured video learning program for post high school girls that learns by video or the ‘My Digital Bais Medrash’ App. We have a Bulletin Board to help you find one.

Virtual Camps

A structured video learning program intended to replicate a Camp.  ZoomTorah helps you to find the right camp for your child.

Live Shiurim

ZoomTorah presents Shiurim that are Maggid Shiur driven.  The Maggid Shiur selects the topic, time & frequency.  It’s the place to find a variety of live Shiurim.