102b Can you give Matanos Le`Evyonim to two poor people with the same coin?

by | Mar 3, 2021 | Psachim

For we do not do Mitzvos in a bundle . . . לפי שאין עושין מצות חבילות חבילות . . .   

Can you give Matanos Le`Evyonim to two poor people with the same coin?

Rav Yitzchok Zilberstein Shlit’a brings the תורה לשמה (קצ), who says that just as our Gemora says that one may not perform two Mitzvos on one cup of wine, so two one should not perform two Mitzvos with one coin, rather he should get change and give each one separately.


Today Matanos Le`Evyonim is most commonly given through an intermediary. If given before Purim, one stipulates that he is only depositing the money until Purim, at which time the intermediary should distribute it. If given on Purim, the intermediary usually accepts the money on behalf of the poor.


Therefore when giving Matanos le`Evyonim on Purim, one should make sure to give separate money for each indigent, so as not to perform the Mitzvos in a bundle.


When giving the money before Purim this concern is not relevant to the benefactor, but rather to the intermediary. Since the benefactor merely gives a deposit, the act of the Mitzva is done on Purim by the intermediary on behalf of the benefactor. While each benefactor is giving only one gift to each beneficiary, the intermediary is giving many gifts to each beneficiary, on behalf of the many benefactors. Therefore the intermediary should be careful not to combine the gifts of two doners into one coin or bill, so as not to perform multiple Mitzvos in one bundle.