110 Don’t drink in pairs . . .

by | Mar 11, 2021 | Psachim

Daf קי discusses a danger that can come to a person when  he does or eats something in a twosome.

Do we need to be careful with this in our times?

The Gemora says קי: that one who is not exacting in this, the Sheydim do not exact from him – do not damage him.

So that could help us here. Since we are not careful, we won’t get damaged.

However the Rashbam states, that one should be moderately carful with pairs, because the Gemora is only referring to someone who is too careful.

Tosafos in Chulin קז: says that since in our times this bad spirit is not around, we need not be careful with pairs.

Therefore the accepted halacha is that we do not need to be careful in our times.