58a When Is The Best Time To Daven Mincha?

by | Jan 18, 2021 | Psachim

We hold like Rava that while the Mitzva of sacrificing the Korban Tamid begins when the shadows of evening begin to tilt or at 6 1/2 hours, the Rabbi’s ordained that it be delayed until 9 1/2 hours. 


The Rambam states since Mincha was established in concomitance with the afternoon Tamid, therefore it is preferable to daven Mincha at 9 1/2 hours. This is known as Mincha Ketana. 


However, the Rambam adds that since the Mitzva began at 6 1/2 hours, therefore if one davened Mincha at 6 1/2 hours he has fulfilled his obligation. This is known as Mincha Gedola.