About Us

ZoomTorah and I are here to help you find the
Virtual Video Learning You are looking for.

Hi, I’m Yehuda Biala and I love to learn. I love to learn and discuss and explain and find out and even to argue about Torah. Then came Corona, Social Distancing, lockdown’s and quarantine’s, I couldn’t do that anymore. In came Zoom, the video conferencing app, I started learning with my night seder Chavrusa T.E. on Zoom. One Chavrusa isn’t really enough for me, but my other Chavrusos don’t have internet. I also really missed learning BaChabura. If only there was a way to reach others like me, I thought. Hey, I’m sure people also want Virtual Shiurim or Virtual Classes for kids.

I don’t like to waste time thinking about things that will never happen, so I started doing some research on the topic. When I was looking at the zoom app marketplace, I saw the ‘My Digital Office App’ and I thought it was very cool. The next day Hashem sent me the idea to adapt it to a virtual Bais Medrash. I emailed them and met Wyatt the founder, we adapted his program and Baruch Hashem we are now proud to present the App to Lomdi Torah everywhere. It is our sincere hope that it will facilitate a higher level of learning even for those who can’t be in Yeshiva. That’s the story! ZoomTorah and I are here (in Yerushalayim and on the Web) to help you find the Virtual learning that You are looking for.

So what are you waiting for?         Start learning . . .  NOW.