Parshas Bo in a Nutshell

by | Jan 19, 2021 | Nutshell

The plague of locust
  1. Hashem commands Moshe
  2. Moshe warns Pharaoh
  3. The servants of Pharaoh protest
  4. Pharaoh permits the Jews to go
  5. Moshe explains that everyone must come
  6. Pharaoh retracts
  7. Hashem commands Moshe and Moshe brings the locust
  8. The locust eat everything
  9. Pharaohs asks Moshe to pray
  10. The locust leave
  11. Pharaoh retracts
The plague of darkness
  1. Hashem commands and Moshe brings the Darkness
  2. Pharaoh permits the Jews to go
  3. Moshe explains that they must bring their livestock  – and Pharaoh’s livestock with them
  4. Pharaoh retracts
The warning before the plague of the first-borns
  1. Hashem commands Moshe and Moshe warns Pharaoh that if doesn’t let them go, all firstborns in Egypt will die
  2. Hashem instruct Klal Yisrael to ask the Egyptions for silver and gold vessels
  3. Hashem informs Moshe that Pharaoh will not listen until after the plague
  1. Nissan is declared to be the first month
  2. The laws of the Korban Pesach
  3. The laws of eating it
  4. The festival
The plague of the first-borns
  1. The plague
  2. The first redemption – When Klal Yisrael was informed that they are free and may leave.
  3. The property took
The Exodus

The 2nd redemption – When Klal Yisrael actually left Egypt.

More details in the Mitzva of Korban Pesach
  1. Who eats it?
  2. Don’t break bones
Other Mitzvos that are a remembrance of the Exodus
  1. The Mitzva of Bechor / first-born boy
  2. The Mitzva to remember
  3. The Mitzva of Tefillin
  4. The Mitzva of Bechor Behaima / first-born animal