For Matza and taxes

by | Jan 20, 2021 | Psachim

There was once a worker in a Matzah factory who said, I am baking Matzah for the purpose of the Mitzva and for taxes. When asked about it, he explained that he wouldn’t be baking had it not been for an unpaid tax bill that he had. He therefore said the truth, that he was baking for that as well.

The Shayla was asked that maybe this makes the Matza Shelo Lishmah. Although he had said that he was baking for the Mitzva, afterward he said that he was baking for something else. According to our Gemorah that states that even if we go after the first thing he said, like Rabbi Yosi’s opinion, we must also go after the second thing that he said.

Rav Yitchok Zilberstein Shlit`a answered that the discussion of our Gemorah applies only to a case where the two things he said are contradictory. This man was making it for two non-contradictory reasons, as Rav Zilberstein proves that these two intentions aren’t contradictory.

He adds, that we can define his intention as follows: He wants to make Matzos that will be exclusively for the Mitzva. The reason he wants to make such Matzos is to make money, but he is not creating Matzos that “will be for the money”. The money doesn’t need any Matza, it has nothing to do with it.