Mitzva 14 Do not feed Pesach to a non-Jew

by | Jan 31, 2021 | Taryag Mitzvos

תושב ושכיר לא יאכל בו

שמות יב – מה


Do not give a non-jew to eat from the Korban Pesach. Even a Toshav or Sachir. A Toshav is a non-Jew who has accepted not to serve Avoda Zara. A Sachir is a non-Jew who is converting and has already done Bris Mila, but has not yet gone to the Mikva.




During the time of the Bais HaMikdash, when we bring a Korban Pesach.




Males and females.


Since the purpose of the Korban Pesach is so we remember the miracles we saw in Egypt and that we entered under the wings of the Shechina and that we entered  into a covenant of Torah and belief, it is appropriate to only give from the Pesach to a full member of the faith.

If one transgresses

The Sefer Ha`Chinuch states that one does not get Malkos, because he has not transgressed through an action but rather through inaction. However, the Minchas Chinuch takes issue with this, asking that one does transgress with action, by forcing it down someone’s throat or perhaps even just by by giving it to the non-Jew.