Mitzva 15 Do not remove meat of the Pesach from the Chabura

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Taryag Mitzvos

לא תוציא מן הבית מן הבשר חוצה

שמות יב – מו

The Pesach must be eaten with a group [Chabura] that was defined before the Pesach was slaughtered.
Do not remove meat of the Pesach from one Chabura to another or out of the house in which the Chabura is eating in.
In the time of the Bais Ha`Mikdash, when there is a Korban Pesach. [The Minchas Chinuch adds that it is only on the night of the 15th of Nissan.]
Males and females.
So we remember that Hashem took us out of Egypt and that we became royals. Royals eat their festive meals in a large group of their men and do not send any food out. Poorer folk send food out, since a festive meal is a novelty for them.
Additional details
In Psachim 85 - 86
If one transgresses
One gets Malkos. The Chinuch adds that one only gets Malkos if one did Akirah from the house and Hanacha out of the house, like the prohibition of "taking out" on Shabbos.