Mitzva 16 Do not break a bone of the Pesach

by | Feb 2, 2021 | Taryag Mitzvos

ועצם לא תשברו בו

שמות יב – מו

Do not break a bone of the Korban Pesach
In the time of the Bais Ha`Mikdash, when there is a Korban Pesach.
Males and females.
Royals do not break bones to extract food, only poorer hungry folk need to do that. When we came to be the treasure of nations, a nation of royals and a special nation and every year at that time it is appropriate to perform acts that show the elevation which we reached at that time. For through those acts we will ingrain this truth in our selves forever.
Additional details
In Psachim 84 and on
If one transgresses
If one breaks a bone of a Korban Pesach Tahor one gets Malkos.
Why are there so many Mitzvos to remember the Exodus?
Would not one remembrance be enough for us and our generations to remember?
Know that a man's heart and thought follow the actions that he performs. Even a evil person, whose thoughts are consistently bad all day, if he were to begin putting his efforts and focus in to doing Mitzvos and learning Torah even without good intentions, he would become a good person and his thoughts would follow. Even a Tzadik with a pure heart who only desires Torah and Mitzvos, were he to begin doing iniquitous actions - say the king ordered him to enter a wicked profession and spend all his time on it - over time he would become a completely wicked person. The psyche of man is driven by his actions. That is the meaning of the saying of Chazal, "Hashem wanted to purify Israel, therefore he gave them much Torah and Mitzvos". Because through our constant good actions, ourselves - our very psyche, becomes good. Therefore man should take a careful look at his profession and pursuits, for they will define him and he will not define them. We can now understand why Hashem gave us many Mitzvos to remember the Exodus - which is a foundation of our faith. It is so it will become ingrained in our psyche.