Mitzva 2 Get circumcised

by | Feb 4, 2021 | Taryag Mitzvos

המול לכם כל זכר

בראשית יז י

To circumcise
To cut the membrane that covers the end of the male genitals and pull it down, uncovering the crown.
When a baby is eight days old, if it wasn't done then it may be performed thereafter.
Males - The father is required to do it for his son or Bais Din if there is no father.
Additional details
In Shabbos Perek 19 and Yevamos Perek 4
1. So we may be different from the "Goyim" in the very form of our bodies.
2. This also gives us the message: Just as our body must be completed by man, so too our soul must be perfected by man, through perfection of his actions.
If you don't do it
Once a male reaches 13 years of age, every day that passes without fulfillment is neglection to perform a Mitzva. Should he die without fulfillment, he gets Kareis.