Mitzva 21 Tell the story of the Exodus

by | Feb 10, 2021 | Taryag Mitzvos

והגדת לבנך וכו

שמות יג ח

To tell the story of the Exodus from Egypt, to the best of one's ability and to praise and Hallel to Hashem on the miracles he did for us. One should mention the miracles that occurred in front of our forefathers in Egypt and how Hashem exacted revenge from them. If he is alone, he should mention them to himself.
To who
Although the Pasuk says to your son, Chazal explain that it the Mitzva is to tell to anyone.
How (according to the Chinuch - we do many things differently)
1. Wash one hand and make Kiddush - do not make Bracha Acharona afterward.
2. Wash both hands - with a Brocha
3. Dip a vegetable in Charoses, make a Brocha - do not make a Brocha afterward, for one must eat the Maror and make a Brocha Achrona after that.
4. Fill the second cup
5. Read the Hagada with 2 Perakim of Hallel and the Brocha of גאל ישראל
6. Wash 1 hand and drink the 2nd cup of wine
7. Wash both hands with a Brocha
8. Take 1/2 a Matza on top of a whole Matza, make the Brocha of Ha`Motzi and the Brocha of אכילת מצה
9. Take Maror, make a Brocha of על אכלת מרור and eat it with Charoses
10. Eat a sandwich with Matza and Maror.
11. Eat the Meal
12. Eat a small piece of Matza as a remembrance to the Korban Pesach, which was eaten when full. After this, we don’t eat anything more for the rest of the night, so as not to remove the taste of Matza from our mouths. However we do drink the last two of the 4 cups, for we wouldn’t ignore a Mitzva in order to keep the taste of Matza. Water is also permitted, for it doesn't remove taste.
13. Wash our hands without a Brocha, fill the 3rd cup, say ברכת המזון on it, make בורא פרי הגפן and drink it. No Brocha afterward.
14. Fill the 4th cup, finish Hallel on it, drink it without anther Brocha. Make a Brocha afterward.
On the night of the 15th of Nissan.
Males and females.
Additional details
In the 10th Perek of Psachim
To remember the miracles Hashem did for us in Egypt.
It is no wonder that there are a lot of Mitzvos about this topic, for it is a foundation and pillar of our faith. That is why we constantly say "in remembrance of the Exodus" in our prayers and blessings.
It is the absolute proof that the world was created and that there is a creator who preceded the world, who wants and is able, who causes all existence to have their form. And it is in his hands to cause something to have a different form, whenever he wants. Like he did in Egypt, that he changed nature for us and made for us open large scale miracles. This silences any non-believer and sustains our faith in our knowledge of Hashem and in that he is always watching and completely able.
Through saying the words, one's heart is inspired.
If neglects to do so
He has neglected a positive commandment