Mitzva 28 Do not bow to a foreign ‘God’

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לא תשתחוה להם ולא תעבדם
שמות כ:ה

Do not bow to another "god", even without intention of serving it and even if the 'god' in question is not served through bowing to it.
Negative prohibition
Additional details
Like if 'bowing' means mere prostration or if it reqiures putting your head on the floor, and about the preventative injunctions - so as not even to look like one is bowing, and other details are in עבודה זרה דף יב
If one transgresses
1. On purpose he gets kareis
2. On purpose with witnesses he gets stoned
3. By mistake he must bring a Korban Chatos
We also learn from here
Further details of his punishment are detailed in סנהדרין דף ס עמוד ב
That there are 4 types of service that the Torah forbids to serve a foreign 'god' even if that 'god' is not served in that way.