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The Torah is full of lessons on how to behave

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When we learn to pay attention and be mindfull of nuance, our life is richer

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We don’t just explain the text, we explain how to approach it, so you become a Lamdan.  

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Why Learn With Us?


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The Torah has us teach about the Exodus from Mitzrayim in question and answer format – because it works.


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Our Story

When Yehuda Biala founded ZoomTorah in 2020, the world was in the midst of the Covid epidemic and many people were learning at home on Zoom. He knew that Torah is best learnt Ba’Chabura – with a group, so he tried to implement a way for people to learn online Ba`Chabura. To that end he collaborated with Wyatt Benno, Founder MyDigitalOffice, to create the “Digital Bais Medrash”. Since his purpose was to create a Zoom-like product
that would allow for Torah to be learned better, he called his company ZoomTorah.
But his efforts to help Klal Yisrael learn Torah didn’t stop there.
While Torah Ba`Chabura is best learned in person and there will B`Ezras Hashem be no need for “The Digital Bais Medrash”, Yehuda recognized a general need for better ways to learn Torah online. We are building a Chumash school – which we hope to expand one day to include the whole Torah – making studying the whole Torah available for all fourteen million Jews. That’s why we say “everyone can be a Talmid Chacham”.
That is our mission: To help everyone become a Talmid Chacham.
We endeavor to live up to our lofty goal in everything we do – to do everything in way that Hashem will be proud.
Becoming a Talmid Chacham means being able to learn with any learning aids, such as a Parsha School. Bli Neder we will do our best in everything we do, to not merely teach the material but to teach how to learn Torah as well.
So what are you waiting for?  Start learning . . .

Rabbi Yehuda Biala

Rabbi Yehuda Biala



Frequently Asked

Why is your school better than an Artrscroll Chumash?
  1. Besides our interpretation, we translate every word literally
  2. We explain the depth of every Rashi
  3. We paraphrase every Pasuk – so you know exactly what it is saying
  4. In each lesson there are questions to answer – so you can be sure you got it and you remember it
  5. We’ve got titles on every lesson – so you can learn by topic
  6. We made each lesson about 5 minutes long, so that even if busy you can learn
  7. We answer your questions
  8. We have tests – so you KNOW that you know it
  9. We don’t just teach chumash, we attempt to teach how to learn it on your own
  10. Its interactive, so you don’t get drowsy
Should women learn Torah?


Although there is no Mitzva directly requiring them to do so, fulfillment of the Torah requires knowing its contents well. Thus the Torah does command them to learn any part of the Torah that is relevant to them, although indirectly.

In addition, Hashem created only one antidote to the Yetzer HaRa (evil inclination) – the Torah. Since they too have a Yetzer, they must take the antidote.

Although women in previous generations for the most part learned Torah only on a most basic level, this was because they didn’t have the resources to do more. Remember, they prepared food from scratch and washed clothing by hand.

If they can earn a college degree, they should know about their own religion.

This is true for everything besides Gemora (the Talmud), whose theoretical concepts were written for men.

Who is this course for?

Men, women, teens and smarter children 

What if I don't have time to learn Torah?

Learning Torah is important.

Speak to a time management consultant – you’ll be suprised

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