Who’s Servant Am I?

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Uncategorized

The Mishna states that a slave who belongs to two masters may not eat from the Pesach of either one of them. Rashi explains that this is even if one master counted him on his Pesach, for the slave cannot be numbered on a korban Pesach without permission of his other master. 


Does a slave then need to ask his master before he eats lunch? 

Is there any difference between the Korban Pesach and any other days of lunch? 


The Avnei Nezer explains that the Korban Pesach is an expression of servitude to Hashem, in that just as a servant eats from his master’s table, so do we eat from Hashem’s hand. To symbolize that, we eat from Hashem’s Korban. 


A servant does not directly serve Hashem; he serves Hashem only through the medium of his master. His food does not come directly from hashem but through the medium of his master. Therefore, his Korban Pesach must reflect that, he must eat Hashem’s Korban from his master’s Pesach.