Yisro in a Nutshell

by | Jan 31, 2021 | Nutshell

Yisro heard what Hashem did for Bnei Yisrael
  • Yisro came to join Moshe and Bnei Yisrael, with Moshe Rabeinu’s wife Tzipporah and 2 sons.
  • Moshe Rabeinu greeted Yisro and told him of all that Hashem did for Bnei Yisrael
  • Yisro blessed Hashem and declared that he now knows that Hashem is greater than any power
  • Yisro brought Korbanos to Hashem
Yisro saw Moshe judging Bnei Yisrael from morning until evening
  • Yisro asked moshe, why he must do it alone? And why do they all need to stand?
  • Yisro declares that Moshe and the nation will wilt if this is kept up
  • Yisro advises implementing a graduated system of judges
  • Moshe Rabeinu does so, after consulting with Hashem
Bnei Yisrael come to Mt. Sinai

Moshe Rabeinu goes to Hashem

Hashem presents his credentials

Hashem presents a deal:

  • If Bnei Yisrael listen to Hashem and keep his covenant
  • Then Bnei Yisrael will be his treasure, a nation of royals and a special nation

Moshe presents this to Bnei Yisrael who declare, whatever Hashem says we will listen

Hashem informs Moshe that he will speak to him in a way that the nation will hear

Hashem instructs to prepare for the 3rd day, on which Hashem will go down to Mt Sinai

Moshe is to demarcate Mt Sinai, so no one goes up when Hashem is upon it.

On the third day there were loud sound, lightning and a heavy cloud upon Mt Sinai
  • A powerful sound of the shofar was heard and everyone was frightened
  • Moshe brought out the nation to greet Hashem
  • Hashem descend onto Mt Sinai and calls Moshe up
  • Hashem instructs Moshe to once again warn Bnei Yisrael not to go up Mt Sinai.
  • Hashem initially said all 10 commandment at once, something not possible for man to say or hear
Hashem commands Bnei Yisrael 10 commandments
  1. To know that God exists. He is the God of creation and of History
  2. You shall not have other deities beside me. Do not make an idol nor a picture of any heavenly being. Do not bow nor serve other deities.
  3. Do not swear in God’s name in vain
  4. Remember the day of Shabbos to make it special.
  5. Honor your Father and Mother
  6. Do not murder
  7. Do not be incestuous with the wife of another man
  8. Do not kidnap
  9. Do not testify falsely
  10. Do not be jealous of another’s possessions

Hashem then repeated the first 2 commandments

Everyone saw the sounds and the Shofar blast and the smoky mountain.
  • They backed off,from the sound of Hashems voice, 12 Mil
  • Bnei Yisrael asked moshe if he could speak to them instead of Hashem for they were fearful that they would die
  • Moshe reassured them, that Hashem had only scared them so as to ingrain within them the fear of heaven
  • Moshe Rabeinu repeated the remaining 8 commandments
  • Hashem made Moshe’s voice unnaturally loud, so everyone could hear him
Hashem tells Bnei Yisrael through Moshe to make an Alter of earth and sacrifice on it Korbanos
  • When you make an Alter of stones, do not cut those stones with metal
  • The Alter should not have steps, but rather a ramp
Klal Yisrael is sent the Mon from heaven

The purpose of the Mon was to test them if they will follow the Mitzvos of the Mon

  1. They are to collect exactly an Omer
  2. They are to leave no leftovers

      On friday 2 portions came down and on Shabbos none

      Some went out to collect Mon on Shabbos, although Moshe had told them not to. Hashem rebukes Moshe for their actions.

      The Pasuk describes the taste and look of Mon 

      Hashem commands Moshe to save some Mon for generations.

      Klal Yisrael ate the Mon for 40 years