Yisro – The Magnitude Of Torah Learning

by | Feb 5, 2021 | Insights

The Nefesh Ha`Chaim (ד ל) explains that Torah is more holy and more luminescent than all of the Mitzvos put together. This is because its source is higher up in the heavens than all of the Mitzvos. 


The wonders of the Torah are not reserved for Rabbis. Chazal (Yerushalmi Peah 1 – 1) tell us that every word of Torah is a fulfillment of the Mitzva and has within it all of the wonders of the Torah. 


In this light we can understand the words of Rabeinu Yonah: When people finish their work, return home and waste their time, this is very bad and a big sin, for they thereby belittle the Torah. If they would believe that there is not end to the reward given for its study, why don’t they learn it? 


He, therefore, suggests that every man set himself a place within his home to learn. He should put there a sefer that he will learn. So that when he finishes work, he should go there and learn or review or even just read the Torah. 


We must know, that just as by Matan Torah the Torah wasn’t given to just anyone who wanted but only to those who said נעשה ונשמע “we will do and we will hear”. So too in our time, one must resolutely take upon himself the yoke of Torah, to set aside time to learn Torah – and to keep to those times through all